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Find Comfy Healthy Slides For Kids

We all know that slides are one of the most comfortable shoes for kids. But did you know they are also one of the healthiest types of footwear? Quality kids slides provide the support small feet need, and freedom from restrictive tight shoes. Comfort and functionality are vital for growing young feet. Here are some tips on choosing the right slides for your child that will offer comfort, but also be safe and healthy for their feet.


Get The Right Fit For Kids Slides 

With young feet that are still developing, it is very important to choose kids' slides that give growing feet the support they need. If children wear shoes or slides that don’t fit them properly, they could develop a wide range of ailments including foot deformities. This is especially important in the formative years. Wearing ill-fitted shoes can lead to long-term bad posture and walking problems. Young growing feet need shoes that offer support for motion control when they run around and play. Poorly-fitted shoes can give your little one blisters, and in the long run, even back pain, corns, ingrown toenails, and calluses. They also need cushioning so that they don’t get foot, ankle, or knee injuries. When choosing your son or daughter’s slides look for:

  • A Built-In Arch - Choose slides with an arch built into the footbed for more comfort, and to prevent plantar and posterior heel, shin, knee, and back pain. 
  • Slides With Thick Soles - The sole of slides should not be flat on the ground. When slides have a thick sole it places less pressure on the Achilles tendon and is more comfortable for your child. 
  •  Hard Soles - Look for slides with air-injected PCU soles to make them even more comfortable. Thick, hard, outsoles can protect your feet from uneven and hard terrain while still being comfortable. 
  • Non-Slippery - Choose kids’ slides with a ribbed outsole for greater traction when they're running around. Especially by the pool.
  • Thick Straps - For children’s slides, opt for two straps or one thick strap. A slide with a thin strap won’t hold your child’s toes and will mean they are slipping and sliding as they walk. Choose slides for your children that have a snug fit provided by sturdy straps. 

Choose The Right Size For your Children’s Slides

Kids have a much more active lifestyle than adults. They need comfortable slides they can run, jump, and play in. That’s why choosing the right size is so important when it comes to kids' slides. With women's slides, it is often recommended to take one size up for a comfortable fit. But children need their feet to be held snuggly when they are playing so buy their exact size. Remember, children’s feet grow fast, and they continue growing throughout their teen years. So you’ll probably find yourself replacing kids' slides at least once or twice a year. Don’t buy a larger size thinking your child will grow into them. This could put your child in danger of tripping and falling. Whichever size you pick, make sure there is an easy return and exchange policy, just in case they are a bad fit. Don’t let your little girl or little boy wear slides that are too big for them! This can be dangerous especially when in the playground. For play-proof slides get the exact size, and ensure the slides have a firm grip on your child’s foot, and thick soles to protect their feet.


Choose Comfortable Slides For Your Kids

Two things can make your children’s slides comfortable - a quality brand, and the right size. If slides are good quality and fit your child’s feet well, then they should be comfortable. But each child is different. If you’ve provided the best possible slides, but your child is still unsure of wearing them, then let them wear socks with their slides. Wearing socks with slides might be a good way to let your little one get accustomed to the idea while at home. Let your child wear their new slides for short walks and around the house. This way they can slowly break in their slides and get used to wearing them. Don’t take long walks wearing new shoes. Your child’s feet need time to get used to any new footwear. The same goes for women’s slides. If they feel a little too tight, try wearing socks with them to break them in.


Kids Also Want to Look Stylish!

Once you have found a brand that is healthy and comfortable for your child to wear, then start looking at the style and color. You’ll find slides with a wide range of colors and patterns that kids love! These days the choices are endless, from slides covered with pictures of flowers and bright neon slides, to tiger print slides, and kid’s slides covered with polka dots. (Women’s slides also come in these fun colors and patterns). As parents, you are responsible for choosing healthy, comfortable slides for your children, but let them select the color and design they love.