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Step Into the Psychology of Color

OCT 18 | 20

Step Into the Psychology of Color, From Green to Pink (and Even Rainbow)

Colorful shoes do so much more than look great with jeans or add spice to your shoe rack. In fact, Freedom Moses slides have been known to boost moods, promote confidence and spark creativity. And that’s all due to color psychology; a study that explains how different shades contain magic that can shape our feelings and mold our behavior. So before you decide to go all out and buy slides online, here’s some very important info you need to know about your favorite color—plus, some details that could make you reconsider your least fave shade (we’re looking at you, green haters).

Wearing these Ruby red slippers is like the sartorial version of someone assuming you’re still in your twenties. Or getting carded for a margarita by the bartender, when he definitely knows you’re of drinking age. A mix of youthfulness and a loud punch of color, red is all about adding a little excitement to your life. And it goes without saying that it’s not for the faint of heart; when you’re rocking red, you’re feeling bold and beautiful. Just as you should.

Vitamin C
As Frank Sinatra said, “Orange is the happiest color!.” This color is all about confidence and friendly vibes, not unlike your best friend who pumps you up when you’re having a bad day. Or even just commenting on your Instagram that you look really cute. So yeah, our Vitamin C slides are basically the most cheerful, happy version of your BFF.

Forget about putting on your thinking cap, you should buy slides online that spark your creativity. Specifically, purple kicks that inspire you to get imaginative—whether that’s dreaming up (and then booking) the most amazing getaway to a tropical island or wisely figuring out how to take the next major leap in your career. For such a whimsical hue, who knew Prince purple could be so damn powerful?

Bubble Gum
In a turn of events that’s surprising absolutely no one, we can confirm that the color pink is in fact linked with love and romance. *Cue the roses.* But did you know that even this shade of Bubble Gum is believed to have a calming effect? It might have something to do with the fact that everytime you look at this glowing color you’re wrapped in a warm and comforting sensation. This is, indeed, what falling in love feels like.

Namaste! Green (yup, even neon Lime green) is all about peaceful vibes. As in, you just left a 75-minute yoga class, you’re super Zen and you could totally solve world peace in a meeting over matcha lattes. FYI, this hue might remind you of lettuce, which also explains why it embodies health. So, buy these womens slides to experience a major detox...for every single aspect of your life. No juice cleanse required.

Going through a gloomy day? Sunny yellow slides should do the trick. This vibrant color can literally make you feel happier, since it exudes optimism, clarity and warmth. Basically, it’s all the things that could make a cloudy forecast (or even a bad day) much more bearable. Not to mention, it’s always a good idea to have an item in your wardrobe that reminds you that the glass is half full—with whatever you want to drink inside of it.

We’ll never get bored of staring at the ocean—or blue therapy as they call it, it’s just one of those things we can depend on. And we think it’s because there’s something so hypnotic about the deep blue (particularly in our fave vacation spots, like Mykonos). Turns out, blue is a hue that’s all about dependability, strength and, of course, trust. Hell, if we could get hitched to this shade (or these shoes!), we would, because that sounds like the basis for a great marriage.

What’s the psychology behind tie-dye? Well, we’re no behavioral scientists, but we believe if you jumble all the features we mentioned above in a big blender, you’ll get one mood-boosting Hendrix sandal that’s packed with optimism, trustworthiness, creativity and a touch of peaceful Zen. And that, my friends, is something we could all use more of.