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Summer Manicure & Pedicure Ideas

MAY 27 | 20

Summer Manicure & Pedicure Ideas

Joyful Manicures & Pedicures for the Summer

Summer is finally here! What better way to bring in the warm weather than with a fun mani-pedi? So, put away your dark nail shades, step into the light, and let’s talk all things nails!

If you like to keep your nails freshly done and well-manicured, break out of your box and have a little bit more fun with your nails! Let's explore joyful manicures & pedicures for this summer, with the perfect colors to match your vibrant sandals, so be sure to buy slides online and you’re set for the summer.

Manicure & Pedicure Inspiration 

First up, rainbow nails! This trend has been popping up all over Instagram! This look can be achieved in a variety of ways, the most popular showcasing a different vibe and color on each nail. From rainbowish french manicures and pedicures to more multi-colored nudes, this style is all about showcasing multiple color ranges on your nails while making it look chic and fashion-forward to match your summer sandals. You can also nail this look by layering red, orange, yellow, green and blue horizontal lines on your nails.

Nail Polish Has Gone Neon This Summer

At this point it seems like neon has taken over the summer scene in the form of fashion, makeup and now, even on nails.These bold and bright colors can be the perfect way to have a little bit of fun this season by popping the hue on your nails. You can take this look to the office, work or to school, without looking like a walking neon sign. 

Graphic Prints On Your Nails

Looking for more ways you can have a little more fun on your nails or personalize them? Graphic designs and unique nail art offer up a great way to be creative and think outside the box when it comes to your nail game. You can design the look yourself, grab ideas off of Pinterest or even have your nail technician come up with something new and original. Check out our Army Cherry or Strokes-Navy slides for some inspo!

Give Your Nails That Matte Finish

Next up, matte hues. A few years ago, matte nails took the world by storm. Now, you can upgrade the look by pairing it next to graphic nail designs, bold colors, and unique detailing. Matte hues offer up a fresh texture to mix in next to shiny finishes (such as silver or gold) and can bring forth a well-rounded design and overall look to your mani-pedi.

Pastel Nails Are Here To Stay

On the flip side of neon and bold colors, comes pastels. The good news about pastel nails is that this trend isn't going anywhere! Instead of choosing one pastel color, you can make this look trendier by rocking the look of a rainbow or by pairing it with ombre designs and mixing it in with a matte texture. And who doesn’t want a dope pair of pink martini slides to match this magical nail design?

Tropical Nails Designs For Summer

Another trend that always reminds us of the summer season is a tropical or paradiso design. The look screams that summer has arrived and offers up the idea of a warm-weather aesthetic. You can place a tropical design on each one of your nail beds or keep things a tad bit fresh by doing a tropical graphic design on each nail and adding bold colors.

Get Your Bing On

A great way to mix in some dimension to your nails is by using bling. From rhinestones to crystals, you can have so much fun adding in the right touch of shimmer to really make your nails your hottest new wardrobe accessory. And you can go with some subtle sparkles or make a statement with bigger crystals, while of course matching your perfect pedicure to your Freedom Moses sandals. You can buy sandals online, we promise you will not be disappointed with the many options available for your nails. 

Life is not perfect but your nails can be. What joyful manicures & pedicures will you rock this season?