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DEC 09 | 21


Ho ho ho! Christmas is upon us, the time to shower our loved ones with the perfect gift to make them feel special. 

I don’t know about you, but my last Christmas was an epic fail gift-wise that involved me panic-Googling “gift for husband” three days before the holiday.

This year, I decided to take things more seriously and treat those dearest to me - starting with yours truly - with the gift of style and comfort: a pair of super comfy, gorgeous slides to wear this winter. 

Here are my top 5 choices to give my hubby, my mom, my besties and myself with colors especially selected to make the holiday spirit last for the whole season. And with free shipping on all orders over $50, ‘tis the season to be jolly indeed!


Silver slides for my McDreamy 

SILVERADO metallic silver slides

Even though I know him like the back of my hand, I still get stuck in a creative rut come Christmas time. It also doesn’t help that he claims to be a has-everything, doesn’t-want-anything kind of guy - which doesn’t fool me for one second.

This year, I will be modestly splurging on a gift so good that I’m 100% confident it will make it into the Shit He Likes Best Hall of Fame. I can just see him unwrapping these icy-silver slides (to match his new George Clooney grey strands) and putting them to immediate use. 

How do I know? Because he’s been complaining about his old go-to clogs that have been well-loved to the point of disrepair for months now. And after the year we’ve had, I just know he’ll appreciate a gift that says - go ahead honey, kick back and enjoy the hell out of this perfect fall day, you’ve earned it.




A gift to make my mom smile

GOLDIE metallic gold slides

Unlike last Christmas, finding the perfect gift for my mom was easy this year. 

Every family has an heirloom that passes on from generation to generation. In our case, it was a gold bracelet that was passed on all the way from my great great grandmother to my mom, and was last seen going down the garbage disposal in our new kitchen. 

Naturally, my mom was devastated, which presented me with the perfect opportunity to play the loving daughter. I found an old photograph in which my grandmother is seen wearing the bracelet, and had it remade and engraved. 

On top of this sentimental gift, I’ve got her a pair of matching GOLDIEs just to say how much I appreciate all her hard work and that she deserves to be comfortable, beautiful and glamorous.

There you have it: one sentimental gift plus one hip - as my mom would say - pair of slides, and you’ve got yourself the coolest, most personalized gift to make your mom feel special.




For my two besties

MAUI forest green & OPERA burgundy slides with velvety texture

When it comes to my best girlfriends, there’s no one I admire more. Both are working moms in their late 30s, constantly juggling work, home, husband and kids, barely having a free hour for a short yoga session or some self-care me-time. 

While a weekend retreat to a spa resort would be nice, I know that as soon as they get back, all the stress and worries of everyday life would come rushing back, too. So my approach this year is to give them something that would make them feel comfortable, relaxed, beautiful and empowered not just for one day, but every day. 

Like every woman on the planet, they too share a deep and loyal love for shoes, which made the choice of gift easy. I knew these comfy, velvety slides would do well in making them feel like divas whenever they look down. All I had left to choose was the color.






Taking care of number 1 (AKA me)

TWILIGHT Peacock blue slides

The one thing that made last year’s gift debacle not so bad was the fact that my husband did equally bad. Although he tried to pass it on as thoughtful gifts, I couldn’t help but laugh my head off when I unwrapped a picture frame and a “50 Ways to Be an Influencer” self-help book. 

The only conclusion I came to - other than confirming the fact that my hubby and I were meant to be - was that sometimes the best way to get the gift you want is to buy it for yourself. 

If you’re not sure about what you want, here’s my truly day-improving, can’t-imagine-my-life-without-it purchase of the year: a pair of beautiful, super comfy, vegan-friendly slides. This time, I’m going with peacock blue to welcome the cold winter ahead, matched with a pair of lush merino socks.

These slides are such an improvement to my other slide sandals that I’ve been slowly replacing them. Like, every single pair. Now when I put on heeled mules I literally laugh out loud before throwing them across the room. 

These slides are definitely a wellness necessity. Buying these is an acknowledgment that if I want to take care of the ones I love, I’m going to have to first take care of myself. 




Merry Christmas!