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MAY 31 | 24

Freedom Roots Sprouts Success: A Legacy of Greener Futures

Our Freedom Roots campaign has blossomed into a success story! Thanks to your incredible support, a total of 75 trees have been planted at the 3 Springs Mountain Park in Tanay, Rizal. These aren't just any trees – they represent a powerful legacy of environmental and economic growth that will continue to flourish for years to come. 

Planting the Seeds of Change

The Freedom Roots campaign has left a lasting impact, and your purchase of Freedom Moses slides played a key role in making it happen! Every pair of ethically-made slides directly contributed to planting these trees, making YOU a huge part of this advocacy.

The strategic choice of Robusta coffee trees brings a double dose of benefits. As these trees mature, they'll provide much-needed shade, nurturing the park's ecosystem. But that's not all! These trees will also produce Robusta coffee beans, creating a vital source of income for local farmers. This empowers the community and fosters a sustainable economic system for the future.

The Future is Green: Celebrate your Contribution

The Freedom Roots campaign is a good example of how our collective action can create real and viable change. By participating, you have directly contributed to reforestation efforts and supporting the livelihood of our local farmers. This achievement was made possible by your full support for Freedom Moses, a brand dedicated to using 100% vegan materials and ethical production practices in their slides. Check out the trees you have helped plant and congratulate yourselves for saving the planet, one tree at a time!

The fight for a greener future continues! Stay updated by following our social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram and discover new opportunities to get involved in our sustainability efforts to help build a greener tomorrow. #JUSTCHILL


PS. If you wish to see the trees you helped plant or plant more trees (yes, please!), you may visit 3 Springs Mountain Park in Tanay, Rizal. They’re open from Tuesday-Sunday, 8AM-5PM. #freedomroots