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AUG 29 | 21


Summer is here and nothing’s gonna stop us from getting our beach vibes on. The way we dig it, Mother Nature gave us breezy beaches so we could set our toes free. In times when travel is not an option, there are tons of chill seaside escapes right here at home. Inspired by 4 amazing beaches from around the world, here are 4 slides to remind you of the serenity of far away shores.


A lazy afternoon in the golden sands

When The Big Kahuna brought the ancient Hawaiian art of surfing to California, he also planted the flower of Aloha on the mainland. Generations of San Diegans fell in love with the chill lifestyle and the sweet embrace of the surf that makes your body tingle. 

Although Kauai might be out of reach, you can still take a lazy afternoon basking in the sun at Coronado beach, CA. Sink your toes into the rolling dunes of golden sand, with their funky grass tufts and yellow suncups. After the sun kisses the water, end the day with a traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage.

Hawaii slides - inspired by the translucent blue Pacific 

BLOG_Hawaii Slides


When the moon is in the seventh house

Remember the funky baseline and celestial trumpets that kicked-off the Hair movie in 1979? An epic beckoning of the sexually liberated age of Aquarius if there ever was one. As it turns out, the moon crosses the seventh house every night. So from our perspective, every night is ripe for romance, no need to wait. 

For the modern hippie, floating between hipster and jet-setter, where better to nurture love than the chill beachside bars of Tulum, or failing that - the romantic Santa Monica Pier. 

Dark Tulum slides - inspired by the summer of love  

BLOG_Tulum Slides


Get jiggy wit it, we’re going to miami

Ibiza. Pink sunsets, late night parties and flowery shirts with buttons that never close. Those were the days. Okay, it’s almost impossible to enjoy the iconic fiesta island right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t reunite with your besties for a ‘muy caliente’ night on the beach. Sticky skin and shiny smiles. 

Whether you’re a Will Smith bad boy, grew up on DJ Khaled, or if Monolink is all you need - get yourself to South Beach, Miami, and let's get jiggy with it.

Peachy Ibiza slides - inspired by late night boogie 

BLOG_Ibiza Slides


Body and mind with sparkling wine

Remember that feeling after a long, relaxing treatment at an expensive spa? A fluffy gown wrapped around your knees as you hobble along like a funky duck in slippers. 

St. Barts might be off the circuit right now, but pampering yourself certainly isn’t. White sands, turquoise waters and good champagne are all nearby, at Sunset Beach, NJ. Sauna, cocoa exfoliation and a deep tissue massage seem just about right for relaxing the body and calming the mind.

St. Bart slides - inspired by a wonderful day at the spa 

BLOG_ST.Barts Slides


Burning Man, baby

We would be remiss to let you go without mentioning that Burning Man 2021 is happening next week. After 35 years, it’s back to ultimate freedom, unorganized and organic. If you happen to strut your cool slides in Black Rock City, snap us a pic. We like ‘em dusty.